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Wellbeing Treatments

Our wellbeing services cover everything from microchipping, to behavioural and nutritional advice. We also run puppy school classes to provide a safe environment for your puppy to socialise and learn basic commands and good behavioural habits.


Grooming is an important aspect of your pet's wellbeing, particularly for long-haired dogs and cats. Regular brushing and combing helps to remove dead hair and dirt, and prevents matting. It also stimulates blood flow and spreads their natural oils, promoting a shiny, healthy coat.

Aldgate Veterinary Clinic offers pet grooming under sedation for particularly anxious pets, anal gland expression, and nail clipping. 

How often should I clip my pet's nails?

The requirement for nail trimming can vary depending on breed, age, level of exercise and the environment in which you pet is kept. Some dogs may benefit from having the tips of their nails taken off once every week or two, however for most it will be longer than this, and you will have to decide what is right for your dog by inspecting its nails on a regular basis. Certainly if you notice a change in the sound of your dog’s nails on hard floors this is a pretty good indication that it is time for a trim.

Cats also require nail clipping, with the frequency depending on their lifestyle. Indoor-only cats will need more regular nail trims whereas outdoor cats may naturally wear their nails and require less frequent trimming.

What happens if my pet’s nails get too long?

If a pet’s nails are allowed to grow, they can split, break or bleed, causing the area to become sore or infected. Long nails can get caught and tear, or grow so long that they curl backward into a spiral shape that can make walking very painful for dogs (like walking in shoes that are too small). Cats are able to retract their claws so this is less common for them, however cats do still need to have their nails regularly clipped.

Uncut nails may curl so far that they pierce the paw pad, leading to infection and debilitating pain. Nails should be inspected and/or trimmed on at least a monthly basis. If not, the quick tends to grow out with the nail, making it nearly impossible to cut properly. It is very important not to cut the quick of a nail as this is rich in nerve endings and very painful for the pet. If you do accidentally cut into the quick, pressing the nail into a bar of soap will effectively stop the bleeding.

We have a variety of nail clippers that suit different pets – from the very small to the very tall.  Make an appointment today to have your pet’s nails checked.  We can also teach you how to do it if you would prefer to cut them yourself.

Give you pup the best start with our Puppy School

Our Puppy School gives puppies the best chance to succeed by teaching them manners, basic commands, ease of handling and social skills. This four-week course is taught on Tuesday evenings at the clinic, but you’ll need to register early for this pup-ular puppy preschool.

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