Meet Our Team

Meet the friendly and passionate team behind Aldgate Veterinary Clinic.
treat you and your pets like family.


Aldgate Vet Clinic - Dr Nadia Kingham

Dr Nadia Kingham

In 2022 Nadia celebrated 40  years of working as a Veterinarian in the Adelaide Hills. During that time, she has shared the lives of countless families and their pets, caring for them from birth until the end- that is what she finds so special about her profession.

Throughout her career, she has had numerous family pets, all have been wonderful companions at various stages of her life in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

“I feel grateful, that in the twilight of my professional life I get to work with the amazing team at Aldgate Vet Clinic. After 40 years, it is still a pleasure to go to work in this wonderful community”.

Aldgate Vet Clinic -Dr Alice and Agnes

Dr Alice Robinson

Alice grew up on a hobby farm in the Adelaide Hills. After Graduating from the University of Adelaide, she joined the team at Aldgate Veterinary Clinic in 2014. Alice has also worked as a Locum Veterinarian in a variety of clinics across South Australia and New South Wales.

 As a Vet she enjoys soft tissue surgery and meeting new puppy and kitten owners. She is a proud dog mum to Aggie the Brussels Griffon and loves meeting any other brachycephalic (flat-faced) dog breeds. In her spare time, Alice enjoys running, hiking, going to the gym and traveling.

Dr.Emily Halloran - Aldgate Veterinary Clinic

Dr Emily Halloran

Emily, a Hills local, has lived in Ashton her whole life. She completed a Bachelor of Animal Science with honours before being accepted into the Veterinary Program at the University of Adelaide.

As a vet, she loves meeting new puppies and kittens as well as their owners. She also enjoys surgery and is keen to develop her special interest in wildlife and exotics. She has a particular love for chickens! 

She is a proud dog auntie to two mini Dachshunds, Oakley and Winston, and a proud cat mum to Louie, a fluffy black and white cat. 

In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her pets, family and friends, playing tennis and netball, going to the gym, hiking and taking photos of nature. 


Aldgate Vet Clinic - Nurse Kristy and Candy Cane

Kristy Gaden

Kristy is a fully qualified Vet Nurse and has been working as a vet nurse in the Adelaide Hills for over 30 years. She enjoys seeing clients and their gorgeous pets and has a special interest in surgery.

In her spare time, she shows and breeds her magnificent Papillons. Many of you will know ‘Candy Cane’, one of Kristy’s very special pets who is often sitting on the front desk at the clinic. In addition to her Papillons, Kristy has recently acquired a Scottish Highland calf named ‘McTavish’ and a Scottish Shorthair kitten named ‘Dougall’. Her animal family is now complete.

Aldgate Vet Clinic - Nurse Jacqui & Royce

Jacqui Leigh

Jacqui joined the team in 2011 and has been expanding her skills as a nurse ever since. As a fully qualified Veterinary nurse, she enjoys all aspects of nursing, especially patient care and anaesthesia.  

Jacqui loves being able to live in the Adelaide Hills and be surrounded by beautiful wildlife and scenery. She enjoys spending her free time with her partner, Brad and her cheeky Border Terrier, Royce.

Aldgate Vet Clinic - Nurse Amy

Amy Pridham

Amy is one of our qualified vet nurses and loves working in the Adelaide Hills. Amy has a keen interest in animal behaviour, which makes her the perfect person to run our puppy preschool classes! She loves all the puppy cuddles and kisses.

In her spare time, Amy shows her Papillon Niko and Cavalier Ollie. She also loves playing netball.

Aldgate Vet Clinic - Nurse Kylie with cat

Kylie Murcutt

Kylie is an experienced, qualified Veterinary nurse and has been in the industry for 25 years. She started her career in New South Wales before moving to South Australia.

Kylie loves being able to help animals and contribute to the Adelaide Hills community.

When not working at the clinic, Kylie is gardening or caring for her sheep and cows.

Aldgate Vet Clinic - Nurse Danielle

Danielle Wlochowicz

Danielle is a qualified Veterinary Nurse and has a decade worth of knowledge and experience. Her fields of interest include critical care, emergency nursing, clinical research and pathology.

From a young age, Danielle has had a strong passion for working and caring for animals. In her free time, she enjoys riding her horse, showing poultry, and spending time with her family on their hobby farm and looking after her menagerie of pets.

Molly Wilmore

Molly is our junior nurse and loves working with animals. She is currently starting her studies to become a qualified Vet Nurse and is enjoying learning new things. She enjoys animal handling and meeting new puppies and kittens when they come in for their first visit.

In her spare time she enjoys relaxing with her cat Arrow, going to the gym and hiking through the Adelaide hills.

Aldgate Vet Clinic - Candy Cane professional photo

Candy Cane

Candy Cane is our cutest staff member! She makes sure we are always working hard and that all the pets in the clinic are well looked after. You will often find her sitting at the front desk, waiting to say hello.

When she is not working at the clinic, she enjoys bossing around all the other pets at home and eating chicken and cheese.